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“WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND MOBILE BABY FACE! I just wanted to say that when we made our appointment, we did not know what to expect. We hear of those places that are “spa like”, so this was new to us. Once the tech arrived we knew we had made the right choice. Our ultrasound technician Denise was so nice and kind and patient. I never dreamed it would be so wonderful and surreal. This experience was so special and wonderful being in my own home. I felt like a princess. I will always remember this day.” – Dina and Kyle, Sarasota, FL


“What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for making it so personal and enjoyable for our family. We really enjoyed it.” -Sally J and family, Ellenton Florida


“Thank you for an unforgettable moment. This being my second child, I have had numerous ultrasounds throughout both my pregnancies. By far my ultrasound session with Mobile Baby Face has been the most rewarding. I could not believe that I was actually watching my child move inside me in 3D and 4D, it was amazing to see her every expression. Not only was it wonderful to truly put a real face on the little person growing inside me, but your ability to come to my home is a far cry from going to an ultrasound facility or a doctors office, or the sterile hospital environment. You truly made my ultrasound the best yet.” Tiffany and Marc, Venice Florida


“Best experience of my life! We got a ton of amazing pictures. The DVD was great & after looking into it, we ended up leaving with a lot more pictures then I expected. (We purchased the platinum package). The tech didn’t count pictures, or stop just because “time was up”, she cared enough to keep going and gave us all photos. This is a must have for all moms to be. I recommend Mobile Baby Face to everyone.” – Jenn, Jason, and son Anthony, Riverview, FL


“Exceeded my expectations!! I got a lot of photos of the baby. Clear as day and I can see the face, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc.. I really needed this peace of mind. Not to mention it was the first real bonding experience I got to have with the little angel!! I can’t wait for them to come back for more 3d and 4d scans throughout my pregnancy. Worth every penny” -Finn family, Bradenton, FL